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People want to influence their own behavior and daily habits to become healthier, happier, more productive, and wealthier. They turn to the $50 billion personal development industry and use long-form solutions like attending 3-day workshops, reading lengthy books, watching motivational speeches, and time-consuming, multi-hour online courses. When corporations want to influence individuals’ behavior, they turn to the $1 trillion advertising/marketing industry and rely on highly repetitive, short-form ads in the form of video, TV, radio, email, texts, and billboard ads. (individuals are losing this battle)

Big Questions Asked
What if individuals used the same techniques to influence their own behavior and habits that big corporate advertisers already use and have been tested and measured on their effectiveness? What if an individual’s cell phone could be used as a positive source of empowerment rather than a source of evil or distraction?

Ultamize is an app that empowers individuals to shape their own thinking and their behavior in order to create better lives for themselves. The app allows individuals to program their own brain by scheduling brief, 5-second video ads advertising good habits and affirmations on a daily and hourly basis. Once created, it is a passive experience for users (like advertising), rather than active (like most personal development).

Unique Selling Sizzle/Selling Point
Ultamize has created an innovative and ethical use of deep-fake technology to engage users. Instead of users seeing a generic model demonstrating healthy exercise or eating habits, users see their own face in every ad, via the magic of deep-fake, artificial intelligence. This is the ultimate in ad personalization.

Initial marketing will focus on parents who wish to use the app to protect their children from the negative influences of internet advertising and who wish to program healthy habits in their children via cell phone. Additional prime markets will be health insurance companies that have huge financial incentives for encouraging their customers to engage in healthy habits of drinking more water, avoiding sugary beverages, and walking instead of sitting or driving.

TJ Walker is a leader of the personal development industry and currently has more than 1.3 million students taking more than 200 of his online personal development courses on Udemy.com. Walker is a #1 USA Today Bestselling author and has personally coached Presidents of countries, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and Miss Universes. He has also made more than 1000 media appearances on most major English News networks including CNN, Bloomberg TV, ABC News, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and Headline News

Ultamize uses cutting-edge, face swap AI technology to personalize the user experience of watching motivational videos. The AI powering Ultamize is an efficient and high fidelity deep neural network that converts a user selfie into a deformable face model. The face model (the face swap is implemented as a deep neural network in PyTorch)  is used to swap the personal face attribute of the user onto pre-recorded videos with actors, reaching the ultimate personalization experience where the user sees themselves as the protagonist of a video message. The AI does not require re-training or fine-tuning to adapt to new users’ faces, and hence it is a flexible and scalable component of Ultamize’s technology. The core technology used is SimSwap (https://github.com/neuralchen/SimSwap)

TJ Walker Ultamize.com +1.917.204.9490
Available on both the Apple App Store and Android App Store (search: Ultamize)

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