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Research proves that communication coaching builds confidence, improves presentation skills, and provides significant value to any student, professional, or entrepreneur looking to develop their public image and set up career advancement prospects. However, these coaches are often expensive and impossible to book for recurring training. Luckily, new technology means that AI can now provide you with deep insights, actionable feedback, and actually useful coaching tips to improve your voice, content, and poise. In particular, a recent development from a company called PitchPrez outpaces the other competitors by a huge margin: they are applying fine-tuned deep learning technology to replicate the coaching experience for both individuals and teams. This article will provide you with an insight into how this new software will work and how you can be a master of public speaking—by practicing your speaking in the safety of your own home, you will be able to never feel stressed while presenting, never choke up during a speech, and finally reach your potential as a public speaker.

Presentation skills should be a part of everyone’s education. It will make your life easier, because then you don’t have to worry about mistakes or how you look. You will just be able to focus on your presentation. That means, whether you’re in an interview, in a team meeting, or you’re pitching a product, you can deliver concrete results each and every time—consistency will then build your reputation as someone who can be relied upon to speak with clarity and audience engagement. Your presentations are important, because that’s what other people see; it’s worth putting in the practice.

Real personal trainers can watch and give specific feedback about your practice presentations, including:

  • Speaking rate
  • Key point delivery
  • Eye contact
  • Conversationality
  • Gestures
  • Content flow
  • Facial expressions

You’d think that only humans can handle such tasks and provide effective feedback. And, until recently, you wouldn’t be wrong.

A brand new technology, “PitchPrez

Historically, the only AI coaching apps on the market were able to analyse basic components such as speaking speed or pitch. These things may be useful for absolute beginners, but for anyone looking to go beyond the basics, public speaking is far more nuanced and detailed than what other apps can do. But you’ll be happy to find out that PitchPrez provides far deeper and context-aware analysis and feedback for your speeches and presentations. It can handle previously difficult tasks such as differentiating between a “serious” face and a “neutral” face, or whether your core claims are coming through in your content, all of which are important for speaking but difficult AI challenges.

You’ll be able to use PitchPrez in two ways. One is for coaching yourself, and the other is to follow a coach’s feedback.

For the self-coaching, you’ll be able to take a video of yourself giving a presentation and the app will provide detailed feedback for things like your gaze, your body language, and the way your voice is pitched. It’s been built from the ground up to be a full speech coach, and it’s got all the nuances of a professional human coach, such as providing feedback for whether you’re using the right tone of voice or not, giving suggestions on how to link together your content, and how to your content, just to name a few. From there, you can take this analysis, and try re-recording, allowing you to “self-coach.”

You’ll also be able to take your own recordings and review them with the AI coach providing feedback on each aspect of your speech. The app will then suggest specific directions to improve on, meaning you won’t have to infer where to improve. This is a great way to better your presentation skills, and can be used for both reviewing your own performances and for seeing how others might understand and critique your performance.

It’s a very full and complete speech coaching app. Plus, all features are free for a week while in open beta. We suggest trying it today.

How Pitch Prez can overcome your fears?

The most significant hindrance people face is the reluctance to speak in front of someone and get feedback. It feels scary; you feel exposed, almost naked. When clients are asked to record their presentations in person, they do not have an option. Still, in the case of the online options, less than one percent of students record videos speaking and upload them for media and fellow students’ critique. The reason is we are so scared of exposing our weaknesses. Peoples want more privacy, especially when they want to come online. Would you like to post a video of yourself speaking on an online platform and asking for comments on your presentation? For many people, the answer is “NO.”

Now there is a solution to this problem. You can upload your video, and you will get very similar feedback to what you get if any media trainer were watching your videos directly or fellow students critiquing you. It’s all done through artificial intelligence, and at no point will anyone ever “judge” you for your skills. The computer simply analyzes, and provide feedback, all without thinking anything of your video.

How is Pitch Prez different from other software?

There are hundreds of applications out there that are profoundly disappointing, in that they do not capture the core points that make a presentation interesting. The market softwares either tell you that you have only had three bullet points on your PowerPoint slide, or it’s giving you lots of raw data that is entirely meaningless.

It can tell you that you’re speaking 162 words in a minute—but this gives you no idea about your performance. The problem with most of the software programs and apps prepared to help people become better speakers is that they are invariably designed by computer science engineers, who never gave a speech or presentation in their life. Their world is a world of data, so they create some things that are just providing lots of data like “you used this word 9 times, you spoke 167 words per minute,” etc.

People do not need data points to improve their communication skills. When any professional or reputable presentation trainer does training, they usually get someone to speak. They watch, then reinforce all the speaker’s strengths. They guide them where they are doing well and ask to do more of that. They’ll say: “your speaking speed is good, your volume is good, you are conversational.” And after reinforcing the strengths, they focus on a couple of things the trainees can do to get better. They focus on the things that make the most significant impact on the clients to be a better speaker, more interesting, more memorable, and have a greater chance to impact your audience positively. In other words, the holistic approach to improvement is the tried-and-tested method, which only PitchPrez achieves.

Final thoughts:

Outstanding software developers and artificial intelligence experts have worked to bring this tool to you, and it shows. It combines the best of both worlds (AI and public speaking coaching) and helps to develop good presentation skills. Check out, and for a limited time, there is no charge. This software is up-and-coming, and we look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

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