Analysis of a Bad TJ Walker Media Interview | Media Training

Here is an interview I did last week for a major nationally syndicated news radio program last week.

I was, frankly, awful in this interview.

Even though I have done thousands of talk radio interviews and am a media trainer, it doesn’t mean I’m going to be great every time.

Here are just a few of the blunders I made:

1. I assumed that just a few short sound bites would be used from the five minute recorded phone interview. So I didn’t package my thoughts neatly. So you hear long, meandering sound bites that are filled with inarticulate noise–not good. I should have asked in advance how much of the interview would likely air.

2. I was unprepared. I was asked to judge the Hillary Clinton email press conference and I had’t seen it; I’d only read brief text summaries. I should have done my homework!

3. I was unenthusiastic. I happen to think the so called Hillary e-mail scandal is complete nonsense, and my contempt leaked out into the interview.

The good news is that one bad interview won’t usually destroy a reputation, especially if you have given 1000s of good interviews. All I can do (and all you can do) after a bad interview is analyse it, then try to do better next time.



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