How will you know when you are making some headway with your social media videos, short of, say 10 million views on YouTube?

BY TJ Walker

There are many ways of marking milestones when it comes to your progress with creating social media videos. Of course it’s nice when things are as simple as 10 million views on your YouTube “views” counter.

One key indicator is that people start expecting and looking for and even asking for your video commentaries on a particular subject. When publicists, bookers, editors and clients start asking for your opinions or writing and asking, “Have you done a video yet on (hot topic of the day on your niche)” then you know you have at least partially arrived.

Once this happens, you know that you have been successful at fusing your image and expertise with your niche and people start to have such strong associations with you and your expertise and the topic in the news.

Warning: this will not happen over night. It won’t happen in a month. It won’t happen after your 30th video. For me, it didn’t happen until I had been doing daily videos for more than a year. That is DAILY videos for more than a year. The fact that I used to do weekly videos on non-news topics related to public speaking for the previous 6 years did almost nothing to brand me as an expert.

As stated before, producing and hosting your own internet videos is not something you do for instant gratification as a way of gaining star status. But if you take the attitude that you don’t care how long it takes or how many people are viewing and you are going to communicate no matter what, then one day, it will just happen magically. 

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