How do you really know when your social media videos are paying off?


BY TJ Walker

To me, the ultimate payoff is when a prospect calls me and already knows who I am and why I can solve their problems. When I ask, “how did you find me?” They respond “You are everywhere!”

It’s not just that they found me on Google. It’s not just seeing gazillion videos of mine on YouTube. Or seeing me referenced in trade publication web sites. It’s not just my own web site or even my blog. And it’s not blurbs they see on major media sites like


My prospect found me on most or even all of those places because he or she spend weeks or even months researching my niche because he/she didn’t want to just call 10 random people form a directory and then be bombarded by 10 salesmen every day for 6 months. My prospects took time, effort and care to research their needs. And when I ask them how they found me they don’t know. Because they found me often, repeatedly, in numerous different sources and outlets. And they reasoned that anyone can make a good video or two. And anyone can have a website. And anyone can get on YouTube. And anyone can occasionally get in on a major TV outlet occasionally. But no one can do all of those things with great frequency and volume for years and not be credible.


They call me because I surround them. The Beatles became for creating a “wall of sound.” I want to create a “wall of multimedia communication” for my prospects so that they can’t help but bump into me anywhere they go when they are looking for expertise on my subject matter. The important thing is they are bumping into me. I’m not bumping into them by calling or bothering them. In fact, form their perspective, I don’t know they exist. This enhances my stature and makes them want me more. It also means I don’t have to waste lots of time when a prospect does call trying to sell them on my credentials. They called me because they already researched my credentials—that’s why they called me in the first place.


So what do I spend my time talking about when a prospect calls? I focus on how I can help them solve their problems and obtain their goals. Those are pretty satisfying new business calls for everyone involved.


So how much social media promotion is enough? How do you know when it’s working? You’ll know when prospects call you and simply tell you then see you everywhere.


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