The Best Way to Deliver a Wedding Speech – Part 2

Here are a few more tips for making an impressive wedding speech.

Drink Only Water Before Your Speech

Some people think that taking a couple of shots or drinks before the wedding speech will make them feel light and comfortable, taking the pressure off them. On the contrary, it makes things worse. It gets harder to think clearly, and it is quite probable that you’d start laughing in a way that is not fun for anyone else. Drinking alcoholic beverages also makes it easy for you to get red-faced. You will not remember the main idea you want to convey or a good story. It is undoubtedly a celebration, but it is better not to drink alcohol before your speech. It is not liquid courage as it does not calm your nerves but it messes up your short-term memory and your ability to recall. If you have family members who have not seen you in ten years and they will see you after a long time or even the first time, it will leave a good impression on you when you get to the mic and start slurring your speech and laughing awkwardly. In this way, you are not going to put the bride or the groom in the spotlight, so do not lose sight of the primary objective of your speech. This is the event of the bride and groom, and if you get too drunk and people get worried about you, it is not a good thing. You can drink as much as you want but after your speech. However, before the speech, water is the best option.

Focus on the  bride and the groom

It is the time to focus on the couple, but unfortunately, many people giving wedding speeches do not do it. After getting up, usually, people say that they are very nervous and tell the audience how they are feeling. People know you are nervous, and they probably do not care about it. Just focus on the couple to make it a special moment for them. Don’t waste time talking about your speech. Just speak. It is boring for the audience to tell them how you came up with this speech. Don’t talk about how you feel about your speech. Tell people about the beautiful couple and why they are unique to you. Focus on your audience, and you will forget the nerves because you feel happy for the bride and the groom. When you focus on the happiness you are feeling for the couple, your nerves will calm considerably.
Only happiness will be on the top.

Cheat sheet

If you have to have notes, although it is not necessary since you’d focus on a single idea and story, you can have them on a tiny piece of paper. This paper should have a couple of words to jog your memory. Don’t hold it up high, showing it to all the people in the audience. Keep it somewhere low, look at it, and keep eye contact with the audience during the speech. Your eyes must not be looking at the notes. It should be on the bride, groom, father, mother, relatives, friends of the couple and all the other esteemed guests. Don’t be seen holding or touching notes with multiple pages, flipping them around.

Rehearse on video

Rehearse your wedding speech while it recording it on videos as it will eliminate your nerves on the big day, and you will give a great speech. Rehearse the speech out loud on video and watch it and repeat it, eliminating the things you don’t like in it. Record it again and again until you get great results. Smile while you talk, as it is a moment of happiness. Some people get too serious and nervous during the speech, which does not reflect the moment’s mood. The joy of the occasion must be coming through your face as well. You have to set the mood of the happy time in a joyous way which is more important than what you say. If you can reflect on the joy of the occasion, the couple, and their celebration, then you have made a successful wedding speech.

Get feedback from others.

If you have recorded yourself practicing the speech, it will make you feel comfortable and confident. There will be no surprises for you on the big day, and you know precisely how you would come across. Here’s one more advanced and an optional tip to get it even better. If you want to make an extra effort, share the recorded practice speech with 2 or 3 people you trust and who are close to you and the couple. Ask them to watch/listen to your speech and get feedback from them. They may point out a better story for you to include in the speech as they have spent time with you and the couple, and they understand what you want to convey. Or they may point out something that people would not want to hear, perhaps something personal. Sharing videos is a straightforward task to do nowadays, so share them and ask what they liked and didn’t like about your speech. You will get lots of positive feedback to refine your speech and boost your confidence.


Focus on one quality of the bride or the groom that is special and unique. Tell a story related to that trait, smile, and have fun with the words sharing the moment’s happiness. Make fun of yourself only, and don’t talk wildly and inappropriately. Drink only water before your speech to have complete control of your body and thoughts during the speech. Rehearse and record yourself practicing the speech, watch it, and repeat it until you’re satisfied with how you convey the speech. Please send it to 2 or 3 people for valuable feedback. You will be ready to attend the wedding with an outstanding wedding speech and lots of confidence.

Smile while talking as this is a joyous occasion.

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