Dr. Oz Attacks His Critics | Media Training

Dr. Oz Attacks His Critics | Media Training After years of ignoring his critics,

Dr Oz has finally responded. And he has responded primarily by issuing a series of non sequitors. Dr Oz’s critics have made numerous fact-based attacks on Dr Oz, specifically that he has promoted “magic” coffee bean weight loss gimmicks and many other health quick fixes that have absolutely no scientific evidence behind them. Dr. Oz completely ignored the substance of these allegations. Instead, he spent huge chucks of his show claiming that his critics were trying to attack his first amendment rights of free speech, something that was entirely irrelevant to their arguments.

Additionally, Dr Oz spent his time attacking his critics for their entanglements with large food corporations. While some of his critics are on the payroll of large AG companies, that fact is completely irrelevant to the substance of their charges. So was Dr Oz persuasive in his crisis communication efforts?

Yes, to the nearly 2 million people who watch him daily. But no, to anyone who cares about science, evidence, and fact-based medicine. In fact, I am going to announce a new policy here at the Media Training Worldwide blog. Henceforth, Dr Oz will no longer be referred to here as “Dr Oz.” From now on, he will be referred to by the more scientifically accurate title of “Carnival Barker Oz.”

TJ Walker is a crisis communications expert who often helps corporations and individuals face the media during a crisis. You can reach him at 212.764.4955 or at https://www.mediatrainingworldwide.com.

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