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If once is interesting, twice is a coincidence, and three is an unpleasant trend, what do you call the 1000th video recording of an American police officer violently abusing an unarmed minority?

Here is the latest.

This video features graphic images of a police officer throwing black teenagers to the ground like dogs, and specifically manhandling a young black teenage girl in a bikini.

In the past, most Americas (unless they are members of unpopular minority groups), have been willing to give police officers the benefit of the doubt. Police officers were presumed to be administering justice with only a few bad, occasional, apples tainting the barrel.

No more.

America has reached a tipping point where the average, middle class (even white) American, now sees police officers as thuggish brutes who can and do get away with literally murdering innocent people.

Chiefs of police and mayors across the country are going to have to wake up to this fact. There is simply going to have to be intensive training for police-officers-in-training to see that everything they say and do is a part of the public record. If you curse at citizens and throw them to the ground and beat them and pull guns on them for no apparent reason, you do more than destroy your own career, you destroy the institutional reputation of the police force and city you work for.

For many decades, police forces have banked on community goodwill to provide the political support for their policy agendas regarding pay, benefits, work schedule flexibility, pensions, early retirement, etc. Those days are about to end.

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