Have you heard about the latest? Virtual reality exposure therapy! Virtual reality situations are being used to help people get over their fears and phobias. For example, a fear of heights. There are some people who are advocating the use of this technology to get over their fear of public speaking.

Here is what i think: you can see the audience looking at you through a VR headset and it may just help you to get used to crowds but if you have a headset on, you may not realize how you are coming through. You must address the root cause of your fear. The main underlying cause beneath this fear is generally the fear of giving a boring or terrible speech that no one likes. The solution to this is to not just get comfortable giving a boring speech to a audience. That, instead, masks the problem. You may not be fearful anymore but you would still not be able to give a good speech.

I support the use of technology for new learning and progress but the technology you need is not a VR headset; it is your phone! Use your phone to record yourself speaking and figure out where you are lacking by watching and rewatching it. A VR headset may sound much more interesting and fun but when you get up to give a speech in real life and it is boring and awful, no one will be impressed with your use of Virtual Reality to practice.

So, let’s give a great speech first, and then focus on the fun!

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