Technology Can Drive People To You – Make Sure Your Mouth Doesn’t Drive Them Away

More and more websites, apps and technology are making it easier to connect with people, whether it is for job hunting, investor solicitation or dating.

But, typically, once the technology has helped make a connection, you have to talk or speak to close the deal, whether it is starting with LinkedIn or

Don’t we all know people who spend 5 hours a day on Match, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, etc, and yet never, ever, go out on a second date (and might not even on first dates)?

These people are spending too much time on the technology. And they don’t know how to talk to people one on one.

Important deals, in business or your personal life, are done by talking or speaking to people. And the people who are often the worst at talking often attempt to “solve” the problem by doubling down on technology. As any web marketer can tell you, it doesn’t matter how good your SEO is or your Google ad campaign is, if your landing page is awful, you will get no conversions, and a zero return on investment.

How do you come across when some lands in a chair in front of you and is willing to listen to you?

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How to Give a One on One Presentation

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