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Promo Video Body Language in the Workplace 2018

It is 2018. Do you know what angle is the best angle for holding your phone if you are doing a Skype video call? Do you know where you should look if a video blogger is interviewing you about your business or organisation? What if you have to do a TV interview through a remote satellite and all you have is an ear piece? There are so many different ways you have to communicate these days in the business world and a lot of it is new and different. It is not hard, but it is not common sense either.

This course is about teaching you how to come across as comfortable, confident, relaxed, and authoritative so you know exactly what to do with your hands and with your face anytime you are in the workplace.

I am TJ Walker and I help business leaders, Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and Miss Universes how to communicate and how to use effective body language. If you would like to learn not just the same old things like don’t shake or grasp someone’s hand family when you meet them and if you want to see change today, then go ahead and sign up for this class now.

Professional Analysis Of Your Stories Now

Quick assignment for you: I want you to think of just one message from the presentation you are working on and then I want you to think about one story that makes this message come alive, a story that makes your message more interesting and more memorable so that it was resonates with your audience. I want you to practice on video. Don’t worry about the lighting or the camera angle or the shaky camera work. Just record it so you can see it.

Look at it and figure out what you like and what you don’t like. Is it making sense? Redo it a few times until you are comfortable that it is the best you can do. Then, I want you to upload it to either Facebook or YouTube or any video sharing service and I want you to post it in the discussion section. I will look at it and I will give you my professional critique. It will cost you nothing!

Most of you are not going to want to do that which is okay. I still love you! But for those of you who really want to get the most out of this course and have the best return on their investment, this is the best way to do it. Please do this practice now, not for my benefit, but for your own.

Learn to Like and Even Love the Sound of Your Own Voice

I realise that you might not like the sound of your own voice. Most people don’t. I am going to ask you to practice one more time talking about anything and recording yourself. Preferably, if you have a friend or family member record you five or six times on the mobile phone, then it is even better.

The single biggest factor in you becoming a great speaker and advancing has nothing to do with the quality of your voice, your verbal tricks, your vocabulary, or how smart you are. The single biggest determinant is your willingness to practice on video. The ultimate test is can you watch yourself giving a presentation and listen to it and really love every aspect of the style and substance. I am asking you to just practice recording yourself and then just watching it without the sound. Tell me what you liked about your performance and what you did not like in the discussion section so that I can address your concerns whether it is about how much your hands are moving or how you should stand.

How Should You Be Introduced Before Making a Presentation

How should you be introduced when you are speaking? How should you ask someone to introduce you? The smartest thing you can do is to write an introduction for the person who is going to introduce you. You want to be very specific while being as brief and as thorough as possible. You need to focus on what the audience needs to know about you in order to see relevance in the presentation you are about to give so they know why they need to listen to you and how it will benefit them.

If I am talking to an audience about how to speak more effectively, I am going to have the person introducing me talk about my speaking experience. I am not going to have them talk about where I went to college or what my hobbies are. I am going to focus on what is the most interesting and relevant to the audience and their appetite so that I can make them want to know more about me. That is what you need to do to.

So it is not supposed to be your entire biography or your Wikipedia page. It is not supposed to be your entire curriculum and every graduate course you have ever taken or every paper you have written in your life. It has to be entirely focused on what is relevant to the people listening to you.

Make sure that you write it up in large font, double spaced, and hand it to the person who introduced you. It makes life a lot easier. Do that, and you will be an great shape.

Housekeeping Notes On How To Navigate Through This Course

This is not a course where everything is completely linear and you are supposed to start with the first video and go all the way. This is a resource for you. It is a library so you can use whatever whenever you want for the particular issues that come up at different times.

So it is not about going in a linear way because there is a lot of repetition. That is my design. My recommendation for you to go through the core lessons and then pick and choose selectively through the others based on how you need them. If you need to use the teleprompter, watch that particular video instead of going through everything.

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