Quick 60 Second Public Speaking Tip of the Day

What should you do if you literally have just 60 seconds to rehearse for an impromptu presentation, talk or briefing?

My advice is to practice out loud your opening 30 seconds while recording it on your cell phone. Then watch the 30 second video.

Total elapsed time: 60 seconds.

Now you have gone through a rough draft of your opening and you will be much more confident, relaxed and smoother when beginning your presentation for real.

If you claim you don’t have a full day or two hours for a scheduled rehearsal, you may be telling the truth. But if you claim you don’t have even 60 seconds to rehearse your opening, you are lying, to yourself.

TJ Walker is a public speaking coach. You can reach him at www.mediatrainingworldwide.com or 212.764.4955.

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