Do you recommend any of the video upload sites besides YouTube? Media Training

Rick writes in with a few questions about creating an online video news network for an organization.

Hi TJ, here are some questions, mostly related to promotion-
Background: I plan to use the information by developing a regular weekly review of journalism terms and concepts for college students, (or a similar idea, such as speech concepts). This would provide me with more information for my own students and might also eventually help with tenure and promotion
Question for you:
1. Is there anything you would recommend for me to try to get the word out to other universities, college media students, etc.?
Send emails to professors and students at your school and other schools where you already have personal relationships. This isn’t my world, but try to find the social media outlets where these people spend time and make your presence known.
2. Do you recommend any of the video upload sites besides YouTube?
If you can get a lot of people to look at your video content, it doesn’t matter where you host your videos. However, YouTube accounts for about 90% of internet video viewing, so I would make that your base. You may want to host it on your own servers as well, plus facebook. there are hundreds of video file sharing sites, but it takes time to upload and label them. that is time you could spend promoting your YouTube video in social media or making new videos, so you must make tradeoffs.

3. When you send your informational clips to CNN or other large media outlets, do you attach them to an e-mail with a short letter describing them in the body of the e-mail?
I don’t attach videos unless a media organization asks for it that format. I only send YouTube links. Media organizations trust YouTube and don’t mind clicking on a link. They are unlikely to download a large file form someone they don’t know.

4. Do you recommend any of the other Udemy courses (or websites) on sponsorship of YouTube videos, podcasts, etc.? None specifically, but for 100 dollars you could get ten courses on discount. That’s what I do when I want to dive deep in a subject.


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