Never Talk About Your PowerPoint | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

‘As you can see on my next slide here’ ‘ As I was creating my PowerPoint slides’ ‘ On the following slide you are going to see’.

These are all things you never want to say when giving a PowerPoint presentation. In fact, the less you talk about your PowerPoint presentation, the better you speak. You do not have to tell your audience that you are going to show them a slide. Neither do you have to tell them that you are preparing a PowerPoint presentation or you have made one so that they can see it.

Just give your listeners information that is interesting, relevant, and useful. Even a stand up comedian does not narrate every single bit of action that he will perform. He or she will not start off every single bit by saying, “ Now I am going to tell you a very funny joke”. They just say funny things and tell jokes without giving the audience the prompt that they are going to.

So do not talk about your PowerPoint preparation or about your slides. Just talk about your concepts and use the slides to make your ideas come alive. In this way, you will not waste too much time and will be much better off.

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