Look Your Best on TV by Moving | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

For most people, the hardest type of interview today is a television interview or any interview where there is a video camera involved.

Here is the biggest ship you really need to know in order to look your best on camera. You need to move. Unfortunately, we they try to act natural but the natural thing to do is to act scared. When we are scared, we become like little bunny rabbits. We just freeze.

When your hands are frozen, your party becomes frozen and so does your face and everything stops moving. In this situation, when the only moving body part of yours are your lips, you do not seem very believable. You are going to look scared, stiff, and uncomfortable.

So you need to practice on video until you can see yourself moving your hands, your face, your eyebrows, and your body in a very natural manner. Avoid trying to do anything jerky- you do not want to be fidgeting with your ring finger twitching your eye but you do want movement specially that with your hands.

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