Podcasting the Easy Way

Podcasting the Easy Way

Once a month podcast
TJ Walker Calls your expert/spokesperson and conducts a professional-sounding interview via Skype audio. The show is produced, edited, uploaded and distributed. You are even sent a microphone/headset. All you have to do is schedule a 10-15 minute window and a topic for the interview. $1500 a month, with 12 month commitment.*

Once a week Podcast.
Same as above. $5000 a month with 12 month commitment.*

Once a day (5 days a week) podcast
Same as a above $10,000 a month with a 12 month commitment.*

Please note, this service is Not for individuals attempting to monetize a podcast. This is for institutions, organizations and government entities looking to communicate more effectively with customers, prospects and key stakeholders.

For more information, call TJ Walker at +1.212.764.4955

*Podcast can be canceled at any time before the 12 month period with a $5000 penalty. Client owns all intellectual property of the podcast. Media Training Worldwide does not own any part of the podcast.

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