You Can Still Move Around the Room | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

One of the worst aspects of PowerPoint presentation is that people feel they are somehow chained to their computer. When they are changed to one spot in the room, they are robbed of the ability to move around the stage in a way that makes it more interesting to the audience.

You may say that you do not have a remote control so you have to stay in one spot right next to the laptop where you are manually changing the slides. But I will say absolutely not! You do not have to stand there.

For starters, you should not be speaking according to the slides the whole time. You should make a point, introduce your concept, tell a story to bring it alive, and be walking around the room the whole time you do this. Only then you should bring up a slide. That is the point when you can walk over to your laptop to advance the PowerPoint slide.

If you constantly stand in one spot, you instantly remind people all the boring speakers they see who stand and read with their head buried in their papers, having no showmanship and no stage presence. By moving around, you create variety because you force the audience to move their head, their face, and their body to see you better and a little different each time you move.

So regardless of your situation, you do not have to stand with your feet planted in one spot- you can move whenever and however you like.

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