I’m Terrified By Public Speaking | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

“I was not a natural speaker. I did not like speaking because it scared me and terrified me. I was always terribly nervous. But there was one thing that bothered me more than public speaking and that was not having the right to vote and that is why I spoke out again and again and again to thousands of audiences all across the United States. My name is Susan B Anthony.”

Susan B Anthony is the perfect example of someone who was not a natural born speaker but whose voice and speeches had a tremendous impact on the world. It is not just because she wanted to hear the sound of her own voice or had a big ego, she was driven by a cause. Many of the best speakers in the world are animated by a strong purpose.

If you want to be a great speaker, quite often, the first step is to find something that you really believe in, a cause that you are compelled to talk about because you fundamentally believe that you want to change that in the world. It does not necessarily have to be political, it could be about anything that you are passionate about, but you have to figure out what is it that you really care about, something that motivates you.

If you do that, it becomes almost impossible not to speak about it and not to speak about it effectively. So find your purpose and then share it with the world. If you focus on a particular issue, cause, or concern that you are convinced is going to help people then it becomes about them and not about you. Thus, it is a lot easier to forget about the fact that you do not like public speaking.

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