Mayor Tells Media ‘Kiss My Ass’ | Media Training Lessons

According to the The New Orleans Advocate , Pearl River, Louisiana Mayor James Lavigne had this to say at his farewell address last week:

Lavigne began threatening to leave, demanding to be told who had informed the news media of the meeting.

“It’s a public meeting,” said Ashley Rodrigue, of WWL-TV, who broke the story on financial irregularities at the town. “It was all over Facebook,” she added.
“Facebook can kiss my ass, and you too and Channel 4 news,” Lavigne said as he got into his town-owned GMC Denali and drove away.

The mayor had already been indicted for misusing funds and voted out of office. But now he risks being immortalized by his indelicate use of words in front of the media. By saying “kiss my ass” to the media he has guaranteed local, state, national and international coverage greater that anything he has ever received before. this literally becomes his defining moment. Good luck as he tries to create a post-elected career. many defeated politicians go on to high paying jobs as public affairs directors for colleges, banks and other large institutions. But they can’t do that if they have completely destroyed their reputations.

I’m sure it felt satisfying and like he had nothing to lose when Lavigne said “kiss my ass” to the media on his last day in office. But if the guy is unemployed 2 years from now, you will know why.

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