Amazon Hires former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney | Media Training

The job of spokesperson for Amazon, along with the position of fact-checker on the Rush Limbaugh Show, has long been considered one of the easiest jobs on the planet. Story after story about Amazon includes a line that says something to the affect of “An Amazon spokesperson declined to comment for this story.”

Is Amazon about to change its press strategy? It would seem a waste to spend a million dollars or so on a Jay Carney salary if the strategy will continue to be “no comment.” After all, a 23 year old who makes $23,000 a year could easily do that.

Like many people who are involved with the media, I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon. They seem wildly arrogant and dislikable in the way they refuse to comment on so many stories that affect publishing, the media, and the public. Yet it is a rare day that I don’t buy a product or sell a product (or both) through Amazon.

Having moved from a small apartment to a not-small house in the suburbs in the last year, Amazon has become my best friend and has saved me hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars on discounts.

Has Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the Washington Post made him realize the press isn’t necessarily the enemy? I don’t know, but I suspect Bezos is planning for a future where Amazon is under greater scrutiny and attack from regulators, Congress, the public and technological innovation from other startups.

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