Pre-Training Info for Presentation Workshop with TJ Walker

Please take the following steps:

1. Watch this video.

2. To receive 50% of the benefit of this course, please do the following: Please record yourself on video giving a presentation at least 7 minutes long. Watch the video. Keep speaking, reviewing and re-recording your presentation until you are completely satisfied that you are coming across your very best in terms of substance and style. (Hint: if you think your presentation is boring or unmemorable, it is. Please revise.)

Email this video to by the agreed upon date. (do not email PowerPoint slides)

3. To receive 100% of the benefit of this course, please do all of the above plus email the video of your presentation to at least 2 colleagues. Call and ask them what messages and slides (if you used slides) they remember. If they don’t remember your top five message points and top five slides, keep re-doing your speech on video and testing until 2 of your colleagues get your messages.

Email this video to

Supplemental materials to help you fulfill the homework assignment.

1. Enroll in my online public speaking course The coupon code for this course is tjwclients. There is no extra charge to your for this course.

2. Read Public Speaking Success Public Speaking Success – How Anyone Can Become A Better Presenter

3. Read Secret to Foolproof Presentation Secret to Foolproof Presentations

If you have any questions, please call or email me at +1.212.764.4955 or

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