Let Your Message Be Irresistible

To attract customers consistently and with little effort, your marketing message needs to be clear and prominent. There’s no way to avoid it. If what you say about your business and what potential customers read doesn’t sound convincing, they move on to the next person. So your job is to differentiate yourself and get potential customers to stand up and listen to what you have to offer.

 In my opinion, it’s easier to differentiate yourself when you have experience or a niche. (But you already know that). So, what’s stopping you? Well, after working with thousands of people on this topic, I’ve come up with two reasons why most people don’t specialize:

1. They believe they turn down opportunities when they do it go too tight.

2. You wouldn’t even know where to start (and most get it WRONG).

Let’s start with the first point.

Believing that you are a customer and will turn down opportunities when your niche is in fact totally invalid. She comes from a “scarcity” mentality based on fear. Ironically, just the opposite is the case. When you create a proper niche, you get more customers and getting customers MUCH easier: Your marketing message will be crystal clear; your marketing plan is MUCH easier (and less expensive); people perceive you as an expert (customers look for experts); gets a lot more references than the generalists yes; Strategic Alliances are looking for YOU; You can ask for more because you know more; The media wants you (the media loves experts).

Once you realize that breaking into a niche is an absolute benefit to you, it’s your job to do just that. And that’s usually the daunting part. There are many ways to create a niche. Independent entrepreneurs often don’t know where to start, and if you ask me, people get it wrong (which is probably why it’s so frustrating and why they’ve even given up trying to break into a niche). Here they make a mistake.

Most people look for a niche on the outside when they should be looking INSIDE. Rather than trying to find a demographic that is more affluent or more likely to work with you and force themselves into a certain niche just because the numbers look good on paper, look for a situation or type of person that You have an affinity that you can recognize. that working with you is essential.

Tip: Your niche is usually someone like you who is in the “before” phase of YOUR own “before and after” story located. This is very important. When someone wants to hire someone in their industry, they’re looking for a SOLUTION to their biggest problem. Not only that, they want reassurance that it’s working and that their money is well spent.

Many will come to you and pay you (well) to show them how to get to the “after” part of the story. That’s when using your compelling story in your marketing starts to REALLY make a difference in your customer retention. If you can tell your story, show your struggles, what you did to overcome them, and what your situation is now (and that you can help them do the exact same thing, and oh, you actually have a proprietary system, that does that just run them), they’re SOLD.

Instantly, right now, they’ll choose to be your customer. And you haven’t even opened your mouth yet! Your message and marketing materials did all the work for you. How cool is that? The following can be considered to make your message irresistible to your customer

Passion: Remember when you chose the theme for your product? Personal interest was a key element in this decision. Now that you have a cause you believe in, let that passion shine through in your autoresponder messages. Mention the aspects of your product that you find particularly exciting and give them your personal endorsement.

Write informally: make your message sound like a conversation in a restaurant would sound. Long words can impress some people, but most people just want to know what you have to say and won’t run to the dictionary in the middle of reading your message to find out what you’re talking about. Use short sentences and keep them simple and to the point. Don’t be afraid to use contractions instead of the more appropriate two-word phrases. However, make sure you use correct spelling and grammar. You want to appear friendly, not sloppy.

Be personal: you write a message that will be read by thousands of people, one after the other. Each person who opens your message is an individual, and you’ll feel much more comfortable addressing them as an individual rather than as part of the collective audience. Use the word “you” as much as possible and limit the use of “I”. You don’t want to tell them why you’re so cool. You want them to know the benefits of buying your product and why they should spend their hard-earned money to hear what you have to say.

Remove superfluous words: As mentioned above, keep your message simple and clear. If you have an “effective website marketing technique,” don’t call it a “wonderfully amazing and overwhelmingly insane method of website marketing”. Nobody wants to try to cut through all the fluff and hype to try and get your message across. It’s also annoying.

Use decisive language: Try to use action verbs whenever possible. This means replacing as many instances of “are,” “is,” “was,” and “were” in your message with stronger phrases. Example: Instead of writing, “If your website is struggling with sales, this program could help your business grow,” say, “Your website sales will increase dramatically with this program.” Write your messages knowing that it will your product is worth paying for and your subscribers feel more comfortable when they buy it.

Provide reasons and incentives: Don’t be afraid to repeat the benefits of your product in your message. Just as repeated exposure turns prospects into buyers, repeated reminders of benefits without overwhelming people can reinforce everything they hope to get out of a purchase. Also, include some of your product information in your marketing message without giving away everything. Then, point out that there’s more exciting information to be found when you buy a product.

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