Whether you are an organization who has been asked to make a testimonial video or someone who is seeking for someone who could make you a testimonial video, i am here to give you some tips on how you can save time and make an effective testimonial.

The biggest problem with testimonial videos is that they are very vague and not focused enough. The audience doesn’t care about the attributes or prospects of the service; they care about themselves. They want to know how they can be helped through this product or service. So the first thing to focus on while making a testimonial video is how the service has personally benefited you. Focus on one aspect and speak about it with passion. Then you can move to another point to show how it can benefit others like you.

Another mistake people make is that they prepare a script which they follow word by word which can make them sound robotic and phony. You can make notes to help you prepare but you eyes should be looking straight at the camera while giving the actual testimonial. You should come across as passionate and engaging. If you can stress one tangible benefit to you and how others can avail the service, it will be a strong and useful testimonial.

Do not worry about getting professional level studios and facilities. You can do it with you phone or laptop. Just remember that your face must dominate the video screen and you should be close enough to the microphone in your device to get clear audio. You can have a colleague or family member help you out. You can also use a stack of books to make your laptop come at eye level from you. Here Is a final tip: do multiple takes. Do up to five takes and take a look at each one. This way in under ten minutes you will have found the best video to send to the organization.

If you do not have testimonial videos for your business, i can tell you that you’re missing out.businesses are moving towards video as they are more authentic and genuine. So i recommend that you have video testimonials for your products and services. I can also do testimonials for you but i would still ask you to follow these simple tips.


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