What is Prezi? You may have heard of this program, seen someone use it, or maybe even used it for yourself. It is a software program for presenters and it allows the user to employ a multitude of special effects such as coming in and out of graphics, adding intriguing sounds and music, and an array of twists and turns that can help break the monotony of material and make it much more fascinating. Many people deem it to be better than hearing a guy drone on and on as it is more interactive and new. So why shouldn’t everyone be using it for their presentations?

Well, here’s a question: do you remember the last time you saw a prezi presentation and what ideas from it can you recollect? The answer that I usually get is a somberly nothing. The cool pictures and effects may leave an impression on your mind but it is inefficient in leaving behind an impact of the message or idea that was being given. Using such programs to give presentations is fine if you are in the business of designing cool videos and special effects but if you are in a business otherwise, let’s say finance, government, public policy, or accounting, these gimmicks become a distraction.

As such, platforms like prezi become enablers. They become enablers that allow people to avoid the inevitable that is actually preparing an interesting speech to deliver to the audience. Using these distractions, people excuse themselves from having to come up with an interesting story for their case study or actually practicing on video for their delivery. I occasionally use just snippets and small videos to get a point across but i do not use it to dazzle, impress, and subsequently distract. A good speech can go long way in creating an impression and actually speaking to the people and making them understand your point by talking to them and describing your ideas in an interesting and compelling manner.


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