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Who is really interested in your content? Let’s face it: all of us here are content producers at some level these days even if we are posting pictures. We are creating content for eyeballs. But what is it that you have that makes it unique, different, and worth watching?

There used to be a time when you could just be a general source such as the TIME magazine where they would round up all the top stories at the end of a week and release content in the mail once a week. Nowadays, TIME magazine is only a shadow if its former self. It has been reduced to what are called ‘clause and pause’ video clips that are apparently where it generates most of its income from.

If your model of attracting eyeballs consists of cats and bears rolling around on the floor, then I have to tell you that you will not last very long. My advice is that you need to figure out what is unique to you. It is also better to be narrow and deep then trying to be all things to all people. You could attract major views with kittens for a while but why would the audience stay with you for a longer term?

I create content that is not suited for everyone’s taste. But for those who do like this stuff, they will not find such content any place else on a daily basis. So know your market and be aware of what you are trying to do.

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