How to Duplicate Animation Slides | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Diane Stevens writes in with the following question: TJ, any ideas why animation slides are not duplicating correctly? The duplicated slides do not have the same timing.

To be honest, I am not sure if I even understand the question correctly or not, but obviously it has something to do with slides and PowerPoint. However, here is my bigger challenge to you: before you spend even a second thinking about slides, in my professional experience, you need to have a good speech written out and rehearsed on video as well as watched and liked by you.

Forget about the PowerPoint- what if the bulb runs out? What if the projector stops working? What if there is no electricity? You need to be in a position where you know you are going to give a great presentation, people are going to understand your ideas and remember them, and know clearly the actions you want them to take before you spend even a second on your slides.

I am not against slides- I use them all the time. But they are not what make a presentation. I have seen many people who focus so much on slide issues and perfection that they often don’t even practice their speaking, note their key points, or narrow their points down to five bullets.

It is as if I come to you with a movie pitch and spend all my time explaining what the trailer would consist of. The priority should be to first flesh out the movie itself, all things are supplementary and come later.

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