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The most effective tip ever for helping someone become a better communicator is also far and away the least popular tip. The tip some of you may remember if you were a student in my course is that for any speech, presentation, talk, or interview, you have to practice in advance by just recording yourself on your own cell phone, laptop, or iPad and then keep practicing it until you’re satisfied with how it looks.

Now, I need you to educate me as well. I have been widely successful with this technique when I work in person with executives one on one or with small groups in private trainings all over the world. They don’t have a choice. I get them on a camera at least a dozen times in a day and everyone leaves wildly happy. Yet, fewer than one in a thousand Udemy students will do that.

I am the same way when I am going through a Udemy course as well. I like to sit back passively, click, and watch. I don’t really do the exercises either.

So my question to you is that is there anything I can do short of bribing you with a $100 dollars, to practice on video and upload it on Youtube? Or would it be helpful, for example, if I created a private Facebook page just for you students to upload your videos? Or am I just wasting my time? Should I really look at these Udemy courses as sort of an online book that is meant to be simply educational and not a real training or transformation?

I would love to hear from you so please let me know. I am always trying to make these courses better and this has been one of my biggest frustrations because I don’t feel like I’m helping people as much as I could. So post your comments.

By the way, half of you said you wanted educational announcements in video, half wanted it in text so I’m doing both. So if you’re watching this, you’re getting the video but its also available in a text version as well.

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