If the goal is to become a better communicator, we have always believed that practice makes perfect

Become a better communicatorOne of the most interesting experiences any of us can have is to watch and listen to ourselves on video. They say the camera never lies, yet when we see ourselves on video we are often introduced to someone whom we’ve seemingly never met. From our mannerisms to the inflection of our voices, you may project a totally different “you” in real life than the image you’ve carried with you in your head. At Media Training Worldwide, we turn the camera on our clients to give them a glimpse into how they communicate in a business setting. By doing so, and by incorporating our many other training techniques, we can set them on a path to becoming better communicators moving forward.

Each and every one of us is unique when it comes to how we communicate. This fact alone disqualifies any and all “cookie cutter” formats when it comes to improving your public speaking skills. We’ve always based our training on the individual needs of each client, and take the time to get to know about our clients and their specific needs before training begins. No matter your needs, however, you can count on spending a great deal of time in front of the camera.

If this idea fills you with dread you are not alone. Who among us wants to be recorded in interview situations, then forced to watch ourselves while enduring constructive critiques? The answer should be all of us!  While our training sessions are comprised of a great deal more than just on-camera work, this is the most important step of the entire training process. The best thing about it is that there is nothing at all to fear from being recorded and reviewing your performance. In fact, we think you’ll find the process as fun as it is enlightening.

We offer half day, one day and two day workshops and training seminars that will allow you to put our innovative training principles into practice for yourself. You still may not completely believe that you have what it takes to become an effective public speaker and communicator, but we promise that the ability resides within you. As with anything practice makes perfect, and we’ll provide the tools and techniques by which you can markedly improve your skills.

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