We can help you to make public speaking one of your strengths

Are your communication skills where they need to be in order to facilitate the type of business success you want? Many otherwise skilled professionals in industries across the board still harbor a fear of presentations and public speaking, yet within that fear there lies an opportunity.Public Speaking Media Training Worldwide, a New York-based media and presentation speaking training firm, reminds you that if you want to become a more effective communicator you can. And when the success of your business depends on it you absolutely should!

Media Training Worldwide provides more media and presentation training workshops than any other company in the world. Our clients are successful in their fields, yet want to improve in the areas of:

Admitting that you need polishing in these areas is a proactive and admirable move, and bodes well for your career moving forward. Whether you visit us in our Times Square based TV and Presentation Training Studio or we bring our video equipment and workshops directly to you, you’ll benefit from innovative training techniques that promise to upgrade your communication skills.

As with any task there is nothing like doing, and we’ll help you to learn by placing you directly in front of the cameras and in the settings in which you are seeking to improve. We can simulate any media or public speaking situation you may encounter, and the best part about what we do is that we tailor your training specifically to suit you and your needs. Ours is no “one size fits” all type of training program. We take the time to get to know our clients, and provide not only half day, full day and two day programs but also a continuing education process that allows you to continue to hone your skills after your in-person training is complete.

The idea of stepping before a video camera, watching your performance and receiving instructional critiques may seem daunting. This process is not about tearing you down, however, it is about building you up. We make the training process fun and inspiring, and will set you on a path that will allow you to master any and all media opportunities.

Each and every one of us can become better public speakers. At Media Training Worldwide we’ve committed ourselves to helping talented and ambitious people like you to become comfortable, confident and engaging in public settings. Join us, and move toward a day when public speaking is one of your strengths!

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