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A few years ago, I noticed that not enough of my clients were doing their homework before a media training session. Part of the homework was to read Media Training A to Z, a normal-length book I’d written on 2004.

I decided that I wanted to give my clients all of the essential concepts they’d need to know about media training, and in a book form. But I wanted to give it to them in a really short book form, so they would have no excuse not to read it advance of a workshop.

So I wrote “Media Training Success.” The beautiful if this book is that it contains all of the essential elements of media training AND the entire book can be read in 20 minutes or less. I guess it’s fair to say it isn’t a book as much as a booklet, but it gets the job done. I’ve noticed that a much higher percentage of my clients have now done their reading homework before a training session and they have a greater understanding of how to look good on camera, shape a media message, answer reporter’s question and speak in sound bites. So I’ve accomplished my mission.

If you want a digital copy of Media Training Success, you can buy one in the Kindle store at Amazon. Or, I can simply email you want at no cost to you. Just send am email to be at All I ask is that you also send me the name of your company and an office phone number to. Or you can just call me at 212.764.4955 and I will send you the book as well.

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