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Public Speaking Success | Public Speaking Training Skills Book

After my book Secret to Foolproof Presentations became a #1 USA Today bestseller (and a Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestseller) I started assigning the book as homework to my presentation training clients. Many read and enjoyed the book, but most didn’t read the book prior to our one-day training sessions, claiming they didn’t have enough time.

So I decided to write a slimmed down version of the book, something that really addressed only the fundamentals of public speaking. That’s why I wrote “Public Speaking Success.” The beautify of this book is that it covers all the most important concepts of public speaking AND it can be read in less than 20 minutes. So nobody has an excuse any longer not to do the homework. It is true that reading a pubic speaking book in 20 minutes doesn’t turn anyone into a great public speaker. But, if someone actually follows the prescriptions in the book, it will make them an excellent speaker and will eliminate the basics problems that plague most speeches.

One of the book’s core principles is to practice your speech on video and watch. Re-do it until you are happy with it. Anyone who reads that sentence can understand it, but very few people will do it. But when people actually do watch a video of their own speech they are usually appalled at how boring they are. So this motivates them to re-do the speech.

If you want a copy of Public Speaking Success, it is available for sale at the Kindle store on Amazon. I’ll also send you a copy at no charge if you send me an email or just call me at 212.764.4955. If you email me ( all I ask is that you also send me the name of your company and your phone number).

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