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If you work in a medium to large sized organization, how is it that the people inside the organization describe what the organization does for the rest of the world? If everyone says something a little differently, chances are that you have a problem.

I work with a lot of national trade organizations and professional interest groups and it amazes me how organizations will spend fortunes on fancy headquarters, offices, conventions with every type of catering, marketing brochures, and even focus research. But they never stop to figure out how they want their people to tell the rest of the world who we are and what we do in thirty seconds.

How do we explain our mission? How do we explain what we do to anyone? These are fundamental core issues that need to be addressed in any organizations. All the people in the corporation should be conceptually and thematically on the same page.

So my recommendation for you is to spend some time brainstorming and thinking about all the possible way in which you can describe yourself, narrow it down tot he top 5 messages and come up on some agreement. Because if everyone is saying something different on what you are, no one is going to know what it is that you truly stand for.

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