Fear of Public Speaking: Tip of the Day | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Here is your public speaking tip of the day: you are going to go up on stage to speak in a crowd and you are feeling fearful and nervous. Take a time out for a second.

I want you to think of one person in the audience when you are practicing. Visualise it when you are actually doing it. Look at one person and fixate on how you are going to help them. It does not matter if you are trying to help them gain a retirement income, make their community better because you are running for City Council, or anything else. Focus a hundred percent on the needs of that person at that point and it becomes impossible to worry even a little bit about yourself.

This works the same way when a parent sees their child about to be run over by a car or a truck and they are no longer worried about how they look how their here is all out of place. They will do whatever they can to rescue their child. That is the exact same attitude that you need to have when you are giving a speech.

It is not your audience who is about to run off and get killed by a car but they might die of boredom if you give a monotonous and uninteresting speech. So you need to focus on how you can really help them do that and you are not even going to have the luxury of getting fearful about yourself because that is not what you will be thinking about.

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