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My book Media Training A to Z is now 10 years old. While I have published best-selling books with mid-sized publishers and even a book with Wiley, the largest business book publisher in the world, my little self-published Media Training A to Z is the book that continues to sell the most, month in and month out on a consistent basis.

Recently, however, I did decide to discontinue the print version of the book. Administratively, I just did not want the hassle of printing, storing and mailing out paperback books, even though I get requests from Amazon every week for the paperback version. Personally, I only read digital/Kindle books, so I figure (perhaps incorrectly) that digital- only works for my clients and customers as well.

People do occasionally ask me when I will write a new media training book. I’ve decided not to for 2 main reasons:

  1. I think that the concepts associated with media training are best demonstrated in video, and that’s why I’ve created numerous, specialized, video-based online media training courses.


  1. While many aspects of media have changed over the years, the fundamental principles of how to look good on camera, shape a message, answer questions, and speak in sound bites have not changed at all in the last 10 years. And my chapters in Media Training A to Z that cover those topics still hold up well over time.

Currently, I sell the digital version of the book on Amazon, but if you want a better deal, just call me up at 212.764.4955 and ask for the book, and I will email you a copy at no charge.

TJ Walker

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