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How can you make a presentation or a video by using a teleprompter? These days, more and more websites, applications. or tools in general for helping public speakers include software that allows you to cut and paste your speech in the software, which will then roll the text around for you to read from. An instant teleprompter sounds great! Why wouldn’t anyone use that?

Here is my warning and piece of advice: never ever use a teleprompter unless you are going to go through teleprompter training. The problem if you don’t is that while you may get every word correctly, you will end up sounding like a robot. You put everybody to sleep and look so stiff and phony that people will laugh at you. So you do not get any credit for reading every word.

So my advice is that if you decide to use any technology, use it in a way that is actually effective. Teleprompters do not save your time, instead take more time as you have to practice on video many times to get it right.

When using one, there are a handful of tips to focus on. You sometimes need to speak faster, sometimes slower. Sometimes louder, other times softer. And occasionally, you will also need to pause. If you do these five things along with adequate hand and head movements and gestures, something many people using teleprompters do not do and end up sounding awful, you will be good to go.

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