What are the best colors to wear if you are going to appear on video, whether it is for Facebook, Youtube, or live viewing purposes?

Here is the rule of the thumb. There are certain colors that are not okay to be worn on such an occasion. White is too bright in the sense that it darkens your skin and becomes the brightest, most prominent part of the screen. Stripes and other complex patterns can jump around and start to make the vision of the viewer fuzzy over phones and tablets. Bright red is also a problem because when you move, it bleeds and leaves patterns across the screen.

This next one may sound a bit controversial, but i would also advise against wearing black. The biggest problem with black on TV or a video is that it all blends in together. Your arms and torso blend in together or maybe it blends in with your seat. So while black can make you appear slimmer in real life, it will actually make you look heavier in real life because your body, your outfit, and your surroundings look like a big blob.

So i recommend that if you want to go for a darker shade, go for a dark grey or dark blue or navy blue- basically something that has a bit more color and a bit more differentiation.


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