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Are you looking for more topics for your videos, speeches, or talks? Here is a tip that I use- it is highly effective and I endorse it. Give yourself a set, rigid deadline every single day to come up with one new topic. One sentence on one thing you can talk about.

I do that every day at 7 a.m. I write down one new topic that relates to public speaking or speaking to the media. I have set an email alert on Google which sends me an email at 6:50 a.m by which I am already up, reading or doing other things. At that time, I get up and open my google doc for Speech Topics and I do not do anything else but write a topic, even if it is just a sentence.

If you just tell yourself that you are going to do that everyday then you will. In addition to that, it also encourages you to keep thinking about it whenever you can. It motivates your brain to keep seeking out topics in various things.

In the past, when I didn’t used to do employ this technique, I would sit down to do thirty videos altogether and feel overwhelmed. To come up with just one topic a day is really easy. You will have a huge topic pool from which you can also skip topics if you do not like them.

So you do not have to sit down and write a whole speech every day- it simply has to be a singular topics.

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