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Public speaking tip of the day: whenever you are giving a new business pitch, follow up with a written document that mentions all the points that have been covered in your business pitch in under 24 hours.

I believe that I love speaking and that I am also very good at it, but I don’t always necessarily rely on my spoken pitch to a business prospect to get a new business. I spend a lot time giving new business pitches over Skype video, phone calls, and virtual conferences, and as much good as I think I am, that is not enough.

Not only do I follow up with a written document, but I also follow up with another video proposal that spells it all out. But certainly, at a minimum, you need to follow up with text.

In other ventures that I have been involved in, I am constantly surprised by the number of people who give a pitch and seem very good based on their ideas and enthusiasm. I would ask them for some more information, they will tell me that they would be happy to relay it to me, and then I never hear from them again!

A follow up is simply a restatement of what you will do for the business and why you want to work for them and that often makes all the difference

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