How are you different as a presenter? If you want to be successful as a pundit or a thought leader, it is extremely helpful to have something that really makes you stand out as different, it could be a message or something about your identity.

Let us look at the world of punditry. More than 20 years ago, Anne Coulter came on who was a political pundit, but she came up at a time when all the other political pundits were basically old fat white guys, most of them bald. So when she came on the scene at the time, a youngish, blonde woman, it was just so different, it stood out. That is what helped her rise to fame.

You look at someone like Megan Kelly from Fox. she gained prominence over there because she was not as overly conservative as other talking heads which stood out as different. Now she is on NBC and here ratings are not doing so well. It is because there is no difference. I am not asking you to take an extreme ideological position or harsh position on issues but i do want you to think about how you can be different from what people are used to every time you are presenting, how can you do something to capture a little attention in an authentic and different manner? Because it often takes that to really resonate and to build a larger audience and following.


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