Help! I’m sweating like a disgusting pig! And my audience can see me, what do i do? This has happened to everyone at some point in their careers and it can be quite uncomfortable. It is specially awkward on television because it is more likely to happen to you in that setting. Maybe you are in a studio with bright lights, or maybe you have rushed to an event after having gotten stalled in traffic. As you are running into the TV studio, you are already sweating and then are placed under hot lights. You feel tense and you begin sweating profusely in the heat. This can also happen when giving a public speech.

There are a couple of things that you are urged to do. For starters, do not wear clothes that are heavier than they need to be. A three piece suit may look stylish, but it is easier to get heated if you have a vest on. Opt for lighter, year round or summer suits with lighter fabric because when you are standing up in front of people, an adrenaline rush could get you heated. In

Do everything you can in advance to make sure you do not superheat to begin with because once you have started sweating and you’re nervous about it, it gets worse. A handy tip is to get there plenty early so you can cool down. Take off some articles, pat yourself down, and rest there for a few minutes to cool down. Also, do not be afraid to have some ice water handy. Have a tissue or handkerchief and blot it. You can also put some powder on your skin as it can absorb some sweat, making you look less shiny and sweaty.

Do not talk or apologize about your sweating. Pat yourself down, and focus on giving ideas, not talking about yourself. Do that, and you’ll be in great shape.

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