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Are you looking for new topics for your videos or speeches? Well, here is a tip for you: go to your competitor’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

Now, I am not suggesting you to blatantly rip off of them or copy their titles, but it can be very useful as a source of ideas. Let’s face it, there are very little ideas that come from nowhere and are a 100 percent original. All ideas are amalgamations of bits and pieces of accumulated information and inspiration.

I tend to look at my competitor’s websites from time to time as well. I don’t watch entire videos but I may watch the first few seconds or look through the titles and quite often, it will inspire me to do something that is not the exact same as my competitor, but a little similar.

Or, I would sometimes see something that is absolutely horrible advice and it will inspire me to make a video debunking what I think is horrible conventional advice.

So make sure you know that no one is a bank or island full of never ending creative ideas. That is why you could use your competitors as a fluent source of ideas.

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