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Public speaking tip of the day: if you want to dramatically improve your public speaking skills, learn how to be a better listener. The best speakers in the world are often the best listeners. They listen very carefully and search for question someone might give them before they speak in every little nuance.

They mean to change the entire introduction of their speech based on a question that they were asked as they walked to the front of the room to deliver the speech.

You should constantly be listening to your colleagues, your fellow people in your industry, your clients in formal and informal situations. Always be listening for some new way to express an idea. Even if it is a concept that you know inside out, you may find a new perspective hearing to someone new in the industry speak about it as they may talk about it in a way that you have never thought of before. You can then use that way to explain that concept to someone else who is new in the industry.

So if you want to be a better speaker, you must know that sometimes it is better to just close your mouth, open your ears, and listen more.

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