The Most Important Part of Your Media Prep


You’re a smart person, so you’ve probably heard the term “media prep” before. But if you’re like most people, it’s also likely that this term has conjured up images of a lot of work and hassle when it comes to getting ready for an event or interview. In this post we’ll go over what media prep actually means and why it’s important for your career success.

Media Interviewing

You’ve probably already done some research on the person you’re interviewing, but it’s important to know that they can also help you prepare. You should have a general idea of what kind of questions they might ask and how they prefer to do their interviews. In addition, it is helpful for them to know who you are so that when you go in for the interview, there isn’t any confusion about who is asking certain questions or talking about certain topics.

When preparing for an interview where someone else is conducting it (i.e., not just being interviewed), try and think about all the possible scenarios that could occur during an interview so that when one does happen–and it will!–you’ll be prepared with answers or explanations beforehand!

The Media Prep Checklist

The media prep checklist is a list of things you should do before an interview. It will help make sure that everything is in order, so that when it’s time for your big day, you’ll know what to expect and be ready.

  • Practice with someone who knows more about the topic than you do. This can be either online or in person (if they live nearby). This can also be used as an opportunity to get feedback on your script as well as practice answering questions from potential interviewers!
  • Practice using your media interview script. Remembering things like which questions should come next and how long each section should last will help keep things running smoothly once everything has been said and done!

The media interview is important, but remember you have a lot of other things to do before the day of the interview.

You have a lot of other things to do before the day of your media interview, so prepare for it!

  • Practice your answers: You should practice what you want to say in an interview. Make sure that you know exactly what it is that you want to talk about and how much time is needed for each question. This will help keep you on track when it comes time for the actual interview and give you confidence that way too!
  • Be prepared for unexpected circumstances: Just because something may come up unexpectedly doesn’t mean your efforts won’t pay off! If something happens during or after an interview–and especially if there’s an unexpected question–you can always adjust accordingly by adding more information or adjusting some parts of what was said earlier on…


As you can see, there is a lot that goes into media interviews. You should be ready for everything that comes your way, but don’t forget to take care of yourself first. Don’t over-prepare or overthink things; just relax and enjoy the day!

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