How to Use Video to Boost Your Business Part – 2

Talk To Your Customers Through the Whole Business Process

Another category of communication can be called procedures for clients and customers. Every business is different in its nature and operations. Most businesses work so that when someone becomes a client or a valued customer, they have to communicate information regularly or at least in a concentrated form before a specific activity or service occurs. Every additional form of communication you have with the customer increases the odds that they accurately understand what you are saying and what is the proper procedure to proceed. When giving a high-level service or selling a complicated product, give people a video explaining everything.

If you buy some exercise equipment and don’t have any video on how to assemble it, it makes the job cumbersome and time-consuming. If you are dealing with products like that, providing a video guiding the customers will make their job and your job easy. It gives the impression that you care about your customers and have given it real thought.

Have a Greater Presence on YouTube

Most of us watch many YouTube videos daily but think for a moment about how many of your videos are present on YouTube. Surprisingly, many big organizations have only a few videos on their YouTube channel. It might be their commercials and nothing more than that. Major communications, public relations, investors and relations firms have only a few videos on the internet. It’s an exceptional case if you do a single video that gets viral with ten million people watching, but this is not what you should aim for because it happens rarely. Use this channel as a constant communication to talk to your clients or people who find you attractive. Tell them what you do and what your business is all about.

Take The Time to Convey Your Thought

There is no standard video length as it must complete the thought you want to convey; it might take a few minutes or an hour. The platform also matters as a video of 3 minutes on YouTube may be tailored to 10 seconds for posting on Facebook. You do not have to pull a stopwatch, focus on how long the video should be, and complete it in that time. Don’t be in a rush to complete your video in a targeted time. Instead, focus on delivering your concept and thought interestingly and understandably.

Post Videos Regularly

Post your videos regularly. You can post a video daily or weekly on, even monthly. This way, you can build a regular viewership where your listeners know when to find you. You will find it easier to do once a week than once a month as you spend more time thinking about it, recording and organizing it, etc., until you come up with the video. Like talking to a natural person, talking to a video camera does not require any unique talent or skill; rather, it just requires practice as it is something that develops if you do it regularly.

If you are part of a big company and make a fancy and slick video is fine, but there is nothing wrong with having simple talking head videos. Even big companies have tweets and blog posts that comprise a couple of sentences or text. Just because you have a fancy form of presentation does not mean you cannot have a simplified version.

Speak Your Thought Leadership

Thought leadership to most people in the business world means extensive white paper, a book or perhaps a documentary. But there is another idea to present it. You can put out a lengthy video where you go in-depth on the subject. It does not mean that thought leadership in other formats; e.g., in a book, is not good, but making it in a video format will further establish it. The video can make you present your concept clearly and comprehensively. This can help your business progress by establishing new links.

Everyone in the world may not watch this one long video, but those who care about it and know what you have to share will listen to you. Perhaps you will find your best client prospects through this video, which was the thing they wanted to hear before calling you. This is the magic of video on your thought leadership.

 Video Newsletters Will Outshine Text Newsletters

Whether a one-person company or a multi-billion-dollar corporation, you may have one or more newsletters of your organization. Traditionally, writing was cheaper than making videos or quality audio. But today, the situation is very different – video cameras surround everyone. All cell phones, laptops and computers have a camera. So, it is not necessarily cheaper to send out newsletters in a text format than in a video format.

Here you can use various styles of videos to create the message you want, including your YouTube videos, frequently asked questions, etc. You can make a newsletter that is a combination of video and text or only video as well. It makes a personal connection with the audience as the traditional text newsletter gives an image of another bunch of text and graphics with somebody speaking somewhere. When you speak in the video, they know you put thought into it.


Talking to your clients through your business process will provide them with the ultimate guidance, and you will reduce the risk of losing them at any point. Make sure you have a considerable presence on YouTube by posting valuable content videos regularly. Don’t focus on the time of the video, focus on the thought or message you want to convey through it. You can speak about your leadership thoughts in a detailed video where people interested in your work can get a chance to understand everything that they want to know about you and your business. It is a great idea to do newsletters in video format partially or even wholly.

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