How to Use Video to Boost Your Business Part – 1

Using videos can help your business grow in many ways. Here are a few strategies on how you can use videos to make your business successful.

Your Proposals Will Stand Out with Videos

One huge benefit of getting comfortable with simple talking videos is that you can give your business proposals and do marketing in that format. It does not mean you cannot have a text format or PDF of the proposal to accompany it, but when someone sees you talking to them and addressing them by name, they feel much more confident about you. You can explain your proposal better, creating a powerful impression on the prospect where he has other proposals in the form of texts.

Videos work incredibly well if the client is from another city, country, or continent and they have no personal connection with you as videos make the connection. If you are not part of a wildly popular brand where all the credibility is already there, you must build your client’s trust with your communication and connection.

Even a non-edited video is good to go

The truth is that you do not need to edit your video if you are speaking and giving your clear thoughts and message in an informative and valuable way for your prospect. Some people can do the editing if they have the time and interest, but there is no prerequisite for editing videos before sharing them with your clients to make the video successful. Even many large organizations do not have that much time and energy and do not want to spend effort and money on editing the videos. If you shoot a bunch of raw footage, and then you start to code and edit every file turning it into a tv commercial, the project becomes overwhelming and takes months or years to complete.

Videos – means of fast communication

When you contact and reply to your prospects via video, you save time and make your communication impressive and faster. You can record a video faster if you get comfortable with it instead of typing your content or answers for communication with your clients. Looking for typos and formatting your content may take time. Simply press the start button and speak what you want to say to the client. Your talk could be 3 min, 15 minutes, or the time it takes to deliver your thought. When you have completed it, press the stop button. Tag the video and send it to your client via email or any way you want.

Be The Most Responsive Partner of Your Client

Whenever a client emails or texts us a question or calls through a voicemail, most of us type back. Many people can do it quickly and efficiently, which is good enough most of the time. But why limit ourselves to the keyboard and text? If a client asks you questions, you can answer them in a simple short video. It is advantageous and easy to answer in a video. Suppose a client asks his media trainer how to speak to the media, give speeches or presentations, and deliver PowerPoint. In that case, it gets easier to answer by video, which lets you show many things that are hard to explain in text. Even if your business is not relevant to things needing visual demonstration, still answering a simple question on video can be very powerful as it stands out. It shows your effort and concern for the client.

If you make a general video that mentions only the client’s first name without the company or brand name, you can generate the content you can use in multiple ways. You can put it on YouTube or multiple forums and attain various benefits.

Your Website Can Be Video Centric

Anything and everything on your website could be delivered in a video format. Even if you don’t want to make video a primary thing on your website, why not make it a secondary part of every section of your website? Research and surveys show that many people under 35 prefer watching a video rather than reading text. If you have clients under 35, why force them to use the format you want? It is advantageous to give it in the format they want. So, anything you type on your website can be put in a video format. If people can see and listen to you, they can understand your work much faster than reading text about you and your business.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions Only Once

Look into the fact that all your clients or prospects ask you completely different questions every day, week or month. I think the answer will be no. Some questions may be different, but many are asked repeatedly. You must give the same answers repeatedly or explain them over the phone, talk to people, meet them in person, send them follow-up emails, etc., So why not present your frequently asked questions in a video format? You can send it directly to anyone and make it available on your YouTube channel if you want. It will probably take about half an hour to sit and brainstorm all the frequently asked questions you receive in your business. You may come up with 5 or 50 questions, so write them down and record their answers.

Remember, you are not making videos to win Oscars or video production awards. Giving your customers interesting, valuable information they may use is a win for everyone. It gives your clients a feeling that you thought about it, that you are an expert and are competent in your field, and that your organization is the one they should be dealing with.


Using videos can boost your business in many ways. Making a business proposal on video will make you stand out among your competitors, as very few people are doing so. Making a simple talking video is an effective and fast way to communicate with your clients. Responding via video leaves a perfect impression on your clients, building a relationship of confidence and trust as they can see you. You can make the information you provide on your website in video format as people are more likely to watch videos and understand them faster than text. Recording videos to frequently asked questions will help you use to save time.

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