Here is a little reminder: i am right here everyday, answering your questions about public speaking!

There are a lot of people who give personal speaking coaching and have YouTube videos over the subject but to my knowledge, i am literally the only person in the entire world who comes here every single day and answers every single question. I am here with a new public speaking question everyday and answer questions as soon as i can. So if you have a question about how to speak to the public, how to give a better presentation, how to speak to the news media, post them here or send them to me and i will make sure i get to it.

I generally shoot 30 videos in a day so it might take a month before i get to your question but you can rest assured that i will answer it eventually. I want to practice what i preach. I say you must speak as much as you can which is why i speak everyday in these little videos.

For you i have private lessons and one-on-one training for extensive working. Or you can attend monthly public sessions. Or you can even take my online courses.


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