Herman Cain’s Campaign Ad Message Goes Up In Smoke

by Mike Bako

The Cain campaign has a new ad out today but does the message all go up in smoke?

One way to have your message muddled or forgotten is to have the visuals overpower what you are saying. For some people it is having distracting clothing or hair. Bad body language also plagues some people. In this new campaign ad Cain’s chief of staff, Mark Block, is shown smoking a cigarette for no apparent reason at the end of the spot.

Why have this distracting image in the video ad? It lends zero purpose to the message being communicated and has now turned all the media focus not on what he was saying but on the fact that he is bizzarly smoking.

Whether you agree with Cain from a policy front is one thing, but from a communications standpoint he gets a solid F for content and message management.

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