Defending JEB Bush |Media Training

Defending JEB Bush |Media Training

When it rains it pours. Jeb Bush has received a lot of negative publicity for answers to questions recently regarding Iraq–most of it well-deserved. But now there is a narrative within some of the media that everything that Bush says is stupid.

Case in point, Bush has been vilified for his recent comments on how the Apple Watch could change health care in the future.
Here is the video clip that has gotten so much attention.

The commentary on the video (not just from left-wing sources) is that Bush is an out-of-touch fool who thinks the Apple Watch will replace health-care coverage in the future. But that’s not what he said. As I listen to his remarks (not the claptrap about Obamacare, but the part about the Apple watch) everything he says sounds perfectly reasonable and consistent with everything else I have read about the future of sensors in wearable devices in the future.

Life is often unfair. Being born with Bush as your last name is a huge unfair advantage, but occasionally, you will unfairly be labeled a fool for saying entirely sensible things. Those of you old-timers will remember JEB’s dad was ridiculed for his comments when shown a new style of bar code scanner in the early 90s. Again, there may have been many reasons to pick apart George H. W. Bush, but his comments regarding a bar scanner that had not been widely seen (contrary to popular opinion at the time) was not one of them.

I’m not suggesting that politicians never talk about technology, but it does have its challenges; anything you say can and will be used against you to make you look either anti-technology or naive.

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