Gov. Chris Christie has another media meltdown | media training

Governor Chris Christie was the subject of an extremely negative profile in the New York Times earlier this week regarding his “fondness for luxury benefits when others pay the bill.”

The story chronicles his interest fascination with luxury hotels and private flights. Recently,  Christie was in the United Kingdom on a three day tour and had some media opportunities scheduled, but then canceled his press availability after the negative Times story broke.  When a reporter started firing questions here’s what Christie said, “is there something you don’t understand about no questions?”

This, of course, was quoted everywhere. Why? Number one, it was a rhetorical question. Number two, it was  highly emotional. Number three, it was an implied attack on the reporter for daring to ask the question.

And that’s why it was it was a stupid thing for Chris Christie to say. It just underscores the fact that Christie looks like blatantly guilty of something.

Chris Christie is a man of large talents and abilities, but he also has large weaknesses. He’s consistently shown that when he’s good, he can really connect with voters at an emotional level. But when he’s bad he just looks like an angry, petulant, selfish, self-serving bully and that’s what happened to him this week. If he wants to be president, he’s going to have to learn greater discipline.

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