#1 Key to Success, How Often You are Invited to Speak

#1 Key to Success, How Often You are Invited to Speak

The following is a time-coded transcript of the show:

00warning you might be seeing confirmation bias here
0:13speaking the show about effective speaking in public to the media at work
0:21and in life speaking with TJ Walker so how many be careful here I do believe
0:33confirmation bias is a real thing and we can all be guilty of it so i may be
0:38guilty of it here but someone sent this to be the good folks over it in design
0:42the website this is from a study from public management magazine they did a
0:50survey and it reports that the number one indicator of success in any
0:56profession is not how well you speak you might have thought that I said that it
1:02might be if it’s not how much you enjoy speaking according to this magazine it’s
1:08how often you are asked to deliver presentations now I have to get this i
1:15never really thought of it quite that way but when you think about it does add
1:19up how many people do you know who are not very good at their profession not
1:25respected and are asked to speak all the time I can’t think of anyone says I mean
1:30there are public speakers out there that you don’t respect at least somebody does
1:34somebody’s respecting human and probably paying them a lot of money if you have
1:40heard of them and they don’t work right next to the cubicle next to you so it’s
1:44a it’s really a fascinating way of looking at this I have course as a
1:48presentation expert have often said that communication skills the most important
1:53skill you can have and i began confirmation bias working i could point
1:58to all sorts of CEOs who claim that they have to spend ninety percent of their
2:02time communicating i could . as other presentation coaches do to warren
2:07buffett saying one of the most important things you ever did was take a Dale
2:10Carnegie class 60 years ago but this is a slightly different twist of how often
2:17you’re asked to give a presentation and I think it’s it does open a window to
2:23new insights Oh
2:25whether you love to speak or not doesn’t matter but if you care about your career
2:28advancement you should care about how often you’re asked to speak now someone
2:34like a president former president bill clinton or or any celebrity and
2:40politician of that stature is probably and getting a hundred invitations a day
2:46to speak to turn down the vast majority are you at the point we have to turn
2:51down the majority of speaking invitations or even any one way to get
2:58more invitations and it’s just one way one way is to actually give a great
3:02presentation every time you speak the best way unless you’re at elon musk or
3:08Mark Zuckerberg and you just created something so fabulous and created so
3:12many billionaires one of the best ways to get invited to speak more is to speak
3:16really well every single time you speak interesting observation i’ll try to dig
3:23deeper into the methodology if I really think it’s bogus i’ll let you know but
3:27it did jump out at me
3:29post your comments here in the discussion section

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